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schools out...

2010-08-31 03:01:26 by able101

so yeah not much to say...


2010-07-02 02:35:59 by able101

HELLO LADIES!AND MERRY CRISMAS!no,its not the holidays but yes!im back!and for a hole summer,you will be seeing me worshiping my fav audio artist,DJbira or what was his name,and YOU will be worshiping my grammer screwups!k the ladies thing in the beggining i think everybody knows.if you do not know what L4D means,nor if you dont know who ellis is,you have not yet played a real valve game.yes i am a VERY big L4D,im here to stay,very big thanks to the one who reminded me how awsome this site is cause of the games and toons;egoraptor for the awsome awsome vids,xgen for the great games they added to this site,DJbira for the epic music and finaly,tom fulp,for this amazing site.note:they did not personoly "remind"me about this site.they just made me and me alone realize that i have been missing out,nor is this the order of my fav artists,selected at aouhgt to see me reveiwing some zombie games,since i luv zombie games like L4D(YES!once again!)andplants vs. also planing to change my name if possible,it will either be my original name,ghore557 or my funny-for-a-second name:(insert name here)see ya!l8tr!


2009-07-13 00:41:00 by able101

i havent been on newgrounds for a wile and havent submited anything ether,and im sorta not planing not gonna be on that much anymore.